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Anestis is a collective that strongly believes in the transformative power of art to effect change and create a better world. By addressing societal issues through their art, Anestis aims to inspire empathy, raise awareness, and promote social justice.


We donate 50% of our art sale proceeds to NGOs that share our values and mission, carefully selected to ensure funds are used effectively. Customers receive a donation receipt, empowering them to actively participate in our mission to promote positive change through art.


Join us to inspire change through art and promote a more just society. Customers become active participants in our mission by supporting us, and our thought-provoking pieces inspire critical thinking and engagement with social and political issues.


Our approach combines art with social and political activism to create a powerful tool for change. By using thought-provoking and visually striking pieces, we hope to inspire critical thinking and motivate action on pressing social and political issues.

Join our movement to create positive change through art.

By purchasing from us, you can become more socially active and make a difference in the world.

Explore the impact.